July 1, 2018

DTER 50k Jan 21, 2018

Well, hello there. What's it been? Just a few months since I re-revived this thing to share my journey of training for a race that I was determined to finish. Yep....it's been a while. I'm back....to re-re-revive the adventure blog.
Very appropriate that I post this adventure on the day that 2019 registration opens! 

My husband made sure I had everything that I needed at each check point, he would call me throughout to give me encouraging words and make me laugh. He even posted updated on my Facebook wall to let friends and family follow this journey. He's a keeper. <3

I leave you with his commentary and photos. 

"And she is off into the woods."

This photo is of my friend Christy. Somehow I convinced her to drive up from Texas to endure this torture. Sisters in pain. <3 Get your redemption 2019. 

This was my view coming around the first few miles. 

"4.4 miles into her migration, this majestic creature emerges from the woods for quick drink of water before returning to the trees."  

I had tackled he never ending ups and downs of Robinson Point Loop. The adventure continues onward to Panther Bay.

There was a lot of snow that had fallen a few days prior. 
By the end of the day all the snow had melted.

 "9.7 miles into her migration to the north, this beautiful specimen has wandered through the Bay and discovered some sort of beverage left by the locals. She takes a drink and continues her journey."

"This magical creature can be seen here scurrying across the bridge. Oh!! We were too loud and have been spotted. We'll have to keep our distance as to not spook the traveler."

 Hwy 101 was the easiest mile the whole race. 

"13.5 miles into the amazing creature's journey...if we are very quiet we might be able to observe her navigating through the trees as she comes upon a small clearing where humans often visit. Oh, look at that! She stops for a quick pose for the camera man. What a sight! And back into the woods she goes." 

One last smile at 'Take It Easy' aid station. The journey gets ROUGH going forward.

This trolley car line and deep ravine were some of the obstacles I encountered along this adventure.

 "Here you can see this Marvelous Creature crossing a snowy trail that indigenous folk of these parts have used for years to gain access to the lake. Mile 16 of The Great Migration"

My husband was amazing. Navigating the back road to meet me at various points along the way. He would have everything that I needed at the perfect time. We truly do make a good team.

 Debris that was covering the portion of the trail leading to what I refer to as 'bitch hill'.

This hill was 250 ft STRAIGHT UP and where I'm pointing is only HALF WAY! There's another one that's 150 ft up after you get to the other side of this one. The turnaround is on theother side of these two monstrous hills....which only means you get to do it all over again. 

 "Mile 19 of this might creature's journey and it's time to turn around and go back. The crazy migration of this species often has it run in one direction, just to turn around and go back...half the journey compl....oh ...oh ...oh look at this elegant creature walk right up the camera man and smile. MAGNIFICENT!" 

Back to 'Take It Easy'
I was thankful the climbs started being more forgiving to my body. A little rest before the final trek...


"Mile 23 for this amazing specimen. She stops for a few quick moments of grazing. She knows the end if near and only needs a little snack then off again."

I'm not a religious person, but I am spiritual. I prayed. I prayed a lot on this journey. Forgiveness, mercy and strength were shown to me when the sun popped out and shined right into my eyes and then the winds picked up and I felt as if I were being carried. All my physical pains were taken away for what seemed like two miles. Words can't describe what I felt deep in my soul in those woods. 

"As this awe inspiring creature nears the end of her migration; she has grown in strength and confidence. The hunted has now become The Hunter...and her prey is in sight. 
(mile 27)"

The journey that lies ahead she does not fear. She is ready for the next chapter, ready to discover more of herself. With an open mind and courageous hear she travels the trail confidently. Unwavering and determined, she grows infinitely stronger with each step.

As a breed, runners are a pretty gutsy bunch. 
Constantly pushing themselves to find limitations....then going past them

As I came up that last dirt road hill, my husband followed behind me videoing my finish. His commentary on the video was pretty funny....

"Look at this amazing creature as she finishes her journey and realizes that the end is in sight. She knows that the journey is over....and soon she will mate....soon it will drink...soon it will rest. She is the badass."

This feeling will be in my heart for the rest of my life. 

I started this journey in 2017 with unfinished business on that trail.
There is no way to describe how I felt after that ten hour 4 minute journey.
Thank you Pirate Perry Events for a top notch, kick ass race.

November 21, 2017

journey to DTER: week 4 & 5

Ever tried? Ever failed? 
No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better. 

Week 4 Training Log:
Mon: rest
Tue: 0
Wed: 8 miles 
Thur: 0 
Fri: rest
Sat: 14.2 miles 
Sun: 10.4 miles

Total weekly mileage: 32.6

Week 5 Training Log:
Mon: rest
Tue: 0
Wed: 6 miles
Thur: 0 
Fri: rest
Sat: 11.8 miles
Sun: 0 

Total weekly mileage: 17.8

Once a training cycle I get picked up by the struggle bus. Usually I take a ride on it for a few days and then jump off. This go round I sat my happy ass down and took a tour around town, for TWO weeks! This is my own doing. I haven't been focused, hydrating properly, not cross training and my diet has been full of everything that is not good for your body.
I've just been L A Z Y.  Hell even this post was put off because "I just didn't wannaaaaaa."

Time for me to get myself in gear and start training for a race that I've been talking about since January. So I readjusted my training plan and will get to work this week. 
Be prepared for upcoming recaps to be full of awesomeness.

I did get to go play in the woods this past Saturday. It was apparent that every single leaf decided to fall off the branches of the trees that Friday night. There were some parts that I questioned if I was on the trail or not. Apparently, the Headless Horseman was on the trails that morning. He ran so fast his head fell off. 😆

All my friends are smack dab in the middle of taper madness for St Jude Memphis Marathon Weekend. Trust your training, rest up, and have a beer. Your victory lap is just days away. I'm proud of you all. I'll be hanging out at the finish line waiting to catch you as you pass over that life changing finish line.

November 7, 2017

journey to DTER: week 3

Strength and growth only come from continuous effort and overcoming struggles. 

This week of training was nothing to get excited over. I got some miles under my feet, I spent some time with my family and I learned an important lesson in hydration. 

Week 3 Training Log

Mon: rest
Tues: 4 miles
Wed: 6 miles 
Thur: rest
Fri: rest
Sat: 11.1 miles 
Sun: rest

Total weekly mileage: 21.1 

I had been feeling a little off over the first part of the week. I wrote it off as the weather being warmer this week than it was over the weekend and probably not getting enough sleep at night. 
I met up with the girls to run Wednesday evening and overall had a good run, but I still felt awful. My head had a dull ache. It's hard to getting myself to keep running during any run, but that run I had to work REALLY hard to not stop and just sit down on the curb. If the girls hadn't of been there, I would have scrapped the run after the first mile.

I woke up earllllllly Thursday morning with cold sweats, head pounding, low grade fever and low energy. Did I just catch the man flu? 😒 No dark thirty run was happening this morning. I felt dehydrated. I started thinking back at my water consumption vs bathroom breaks. I drink a TON of water, but I wasn't going to the bathroom like I was drinking that much water. After getting a liter of fluids intravenously I started to feel better. I spent the next two days making sure to add Gatorade/ Pedialyte into my hydration. The headache started to subside and I felt the color came back to my skin. 

By Saturday morning I was feeling better, so I set out for the first long run of the weekend. 
It was such an effortless eleven miles. What a difference 48 hours of proper hydration will do for you.

What a wonderful feeling it is to have completed those miles before the moon goes to sleep and just as the sun is waking up. Really sets the tone for a fantastic day!

Sunday morning was filled with water stop costume party shenanigans at the MRTC RRS 1st Half Marathon. We've got one more race to serve up the best "water flavored vodka" to all my crazy nut job runner friends! 

 I skipped my second long run of the weekend to stay home while my husband finished up home renovation mission: replace back door and outside wall paneling. I'm loving these new French doors!!!! 

After resting up and making sure to get a good balance of water and an electrolyte replacement drink; I feel like a normal human being again. 

It's okay to have an off day. Listen to what's happening, find the source, do what it takes to correct it and try to prevent it from happening it again. That's why it's called training. Training your mind, body and soul how to deal with pain, discomfort, and all the other crazy things that happen to our body. 

I'm ready to get another week knocked off this training plan to bring me closer to race day.