November 7, 2017

journey to DTER: week 3

Strength and growth only come from continuous effort and overcoming struggles. 

This week of training was nothing to get excited over. I got some miles under my feet, I spent some time with my family and I learned an important lesson in hydration. 

Week 3 Training Log

Mon: rest
Tues: 4 miles
Wed: 6 miles 
Thur: rest
Fri: rest
Sat: 11.1 miles 
Sun: rest

Total weekly mileage: 21.1 

I had been feeling a little off over the first part of the week. I wrote it off as the weather being warmer this week than it was over the weekend and probably not getting enough sleep at night. 
I met up with the girls to run Wednesday evening and overall had a good run, but I still felt awful. My head had a dull ache. It's hard to getting myself to keep running during any run, but that run I had to work REALLY hard to not stop and just sit down on the curb. If the girls hadn't of been there, I would have scrapped the run after the first mile.

I woke up earllllllly Thursday morning with cold sweats, head pounding, low grade fever and low energy. Did I just catch the man flu? 😒 No dark thirty run was happening this morning. I felt dehydrated. I started thinking back at my water consumption vs bathroom breaks. I drink a TON of water, but I wasn't going to the bathroom like I was drinking that much water. After getting a liter of fluids intravenously I started to feel better. I spent the next two days making sure to add Gatorade/ Pedialyte into my hydration. The headache started to subside and I felt the color came back to my skin. 

By Saturday morning I was feeling better, so I set out for the first long run of the weekend. 
It was such an effortless eleven miles. What a difference 48 hours of proper hydration will do for you.

What a wonderful feeling it is to have completed those miles before the moon goes to sleep and just as the sun is waking up. Really sets the tone for a fantastic day!

Sunday morning was filled with water stop costume party shenanigans at the MRTC RRS 1st Half Marathon. We've got one more race to serve up the best "water flavored vodka" to all my crazy nut job runner friends! 

 I skipped my second long run of the weekend to stay home while my husband finished up home renovation mission: replace back door and outside wall paneling. I'm loving these new French doors!!!! 

After resting up and making sure to get a good balance of water and an electrolyte replacement drink; I feel like a normal human being again. 

It's okay to have an off day. Listen to what's happening, find the source, do what it takes to correct it and try to prevent it from happening it again. That's why it's called training. Training your mind, body and soul how to deal with pain, discomfort, and all the other crazy things that happen to our body. 

I'm ready to get another week knocked off this training plan to bring me closer to race day. 

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