November 21, 2017

journey to DTER: week 4 & 5

Ever tried? Ever failed? 
No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better. 

Week 4 Training Log:
Mon: rest
Tue: 0
Wed: 8 miles 
Thur: 0 
Fri: rest
Sat: 14.2 miles 
Sun: 10.4 miles

Total weekly mileage: 32.6

Week 5 Training Log:
Mon: rest
Tue: 0
Wed: 6 miles
Thur: 0 
Fri: rest
Sat: 11.8 miles
Sun: 0 

Total weekly mileage: 17.8

Once a training cycle I get picked up by the struggle bus. Usually I take a ride on it for a few days and then jump off. This go round I sat my happy ass down and took a tour around town, for TWO weeks! This is my own doing. I haven't been focused, hydrating properly, not cross training and my diet has been full of everything that is not good for your body.
I've just been L A Z Y.  Hell even this post was put off because "I just didn't wannaaaaaa."

Time for me to get myself in gear and start training for a race that I've been talking about since January. So I readjusted my training plan and will get to work this week. 
Be prepared for upcoming recaps to be full of awesomeness.

I did get to go play in the woods this past Saturday. It was apparent that every single leaf decided to fall off the branches of the trees that Friday night. There were some parts that I questioned if I was on the trail or not. Apparently, the Headless Horseman was on the trails that morning. He ran so fast his head fell off. 😆

All my friends are smack dab in the middle of taper madness for St Jude Memphis Marathon Weekend. Trust your training, rest up, and have a beer. Your victory lap is just days away. I'm proud of you all. I'll be hanging out at the finish line waiting to catch you as you pass over that life changing finish line.

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