June 24, 2019

Better than yesterday...

Last week #fitnessstreak looked like this:

Monday: 1.5 mile treadmill run  + a torture session for my legs with various kettle-bell squats, lunges, and farmer carries. I was definitely feeling new muscles the next afternoon. #day43

Tuesday: 3 miles around the neighborhood a few hours after work (average pace: 10:27)
Super glad the heat and humidity toned it down for a moment so I could pump this out. #day44

Wednesday: 5 miles around dirty-Dova (average pace 12:32) Allison and I attempted to run some speed sessions during this run. It was just too hot to be sprinting uphill without worrying if we would fall over on the pavement and die. Shook that off the first two miles and then finished up with normal intervals. #day45

Thursday: 5k treadmill run + worked on the pushing muscles in my upper body and a few deadlifts. I also bought a book Anatomy of Fitness. The plan is to avoid injury, and my nerdy senses appreciate this book as a guide for practicing form on basic fitness moves. #day46

Friday: 1 mile (9:17 pace); had to get this done before the thunderstorms. It felt really good to open it up and let the legs just GO! #day47

Saturday: 9 mile trail run (average pace 13:43) I've been trying to get to the trails for a few weeks. It felt so good to play in the trees. My soul was definitely happy after these miles. I also rode my bike later that afternoon for 30 minutes to loosen up the stiffness in my legs. #day48

Sunday: 1 mile walk with the pup + 40 minutes on the bike in the neighborhood. After the cycling time, I wanted to see how my legs would adapt to a little running. I ran around the block. Yep....still weird, but I ran that third of a mile without stopping...and felt as if my legs would have been fine if I had kept going for a while. #day49

Total: 7 hours of activity
(~24 miles under my feet, 72 minutes in the gym, and ~70 minutes on the bike)
No big training plans as of yet. I have my eye on an October 50k....training would begin mid-July. I'm using this time right now to develop strength and build my endurance. Hoping that once training starts, the transition won't be as taxing on my schedule and I'll already be in a nice routine.

Overall it wasn't hard to get myself up and out the door to get these workout's completed. I'm pretty motivated to continue to improve. When my body feels good, my brain feels good. Brain feeling good also keeps the low times away. Getting outside in the sunshine makes all the feel good chemicals in my brain wake up and throw a party.
I am a better person when I feel good.

Take care of yourself. If you're not around, you can't take care of anyone else.
Love your body for what it can do. Always strive to be better than yesterday.

June 19, 2019

Let's go streaking....

Consistency - noun. A steadfast adherence to the same principles, course, form, etc.

Self- Discipline - noun. The ability to control yourself and make yourself work hard or behave in a particular way without needing anyone else to tell you what to do. 

Looking for the next goal?

After allowing myself to recover from Little Rock Marathon, I kept running just for the joy of going out and catching endorphins and it gave me an excuse to hang out with my good friend, Frog.  Nothing was consistent though. I didn't have a planned race on my schedule for me to train for....in turn, the lack of consistency led to me leaving all self-discipline behind.

One day, I leaned over to put on my running shoes; and as I was tying them up, I noticed myself not being able to breathe easily and the spare tire that was hanging around my midsection was over inflated. Nope, this was unacceptable for me. I needed to make a change. 

So, forty-five days ago I challenged myself to add more consistency and discipline into the fitness portion of my life. I started a fitness streak. My streak will consist of at least 15-20 minutes of activity that gets my butt off the couch and my heart pumping. I could run, walk, cycle, take a fitness class, get in the weight room to pick things up and put them down. Whatever it was, I had to get my heart pumping for at least 15 minutes.

I am affected by anxiety and depression that comes to me in waves throughout each month. This challenge will become a real challenge during the low times that I experience.
So far, I've gone 44 days (today will be day 45) with only experiencing one day where the low was really low. Thanks to my wonderful, supportive husband, I got that day completed with him and my daughter by my side. 

I know I feel better and don't have as many attacks when I'm moving my body. It has helped me keep cancer away for 8+ years. Its definitely going to help with the anxiety disorder I face every day. 

By nature, I'm a pretty lazy person so I have to set myself small goals. Usually within those small goals I'll begin to explore other goals or even change the entire goal in itself. I see this small goal morphing into something bigger later on down the road....so let's go on this adventure and see where it leads. 

What do I hope to accomplish with this fitness streak?
I hope to bring some motivation within myself to lose a little insulation around the midsection, improve on my running and build my self-confidence.  

How long so I plan to keep this up?
Right now, the goal is to just go every day until I decide I'm done or bored with the challenge. That goal may change over time and that's okay. Small goals sometimes lead to bigger and better goals. 

What is your strategy to bring more consistency in your life?
What is one small goal that you are working hard to complete?

June 17, 2019

What I've been up to....

Wow.... It's been almost a year since I logged in to do any sort of blogging/journaling/blabbing on about my adventures.

So, what have I been up to? Let's recap....

February 2018: Allison (aka Frog) and I ran the Winter Off Road Series 10k race. This was her first introduction to trail racing. It was chilly and muddy. What a fun time.

March 2018: I spent some time with the families of the Ronald McDonald House of Memphis painting #901rocks. These rocks were hidden along the start and finish line of the Bad Dog 5k  race that is held in April. 

April 2018: My youngest daughter, Audrinna, ran the Bad Dog 5k race. We had an amazing turnout, thanks to wonderful weather. Audrinna ended up placing 2nd place in the Age 10-14 division! 

May 2018: Was a busy month.... I ran a 10K race in the rain, stayed in quarantine for 5+ days due to contracting the flu and strep at the same time. Audrinna moved on from elementary school onward to middle school, my husband, Tim and I celebrated 7 years of marriage in a tent next to a river. 


June 2018: Humidity in the 901 is NO JOKE, so I took a lot of my training runs to #stupidoclock in the morning. I had just signed up to run St Jude Marathon in December. Must suffer through summer running to breeze through the fall and winter races. 

July 2018: I started coaching a beginner runner program here in Memphis. We would meet every Monday from July until September to run intervals. In September, we would all run a 5k together to celebrate all the training these ladies have done all summer. 

August 2018: Remember that 5k race that I helped coordinate back in April? We finally got all the numbers crunches and race invoices paid....the grand total donated to Ronald McDonald House of Memphis..... $10,103.00!! 

September 2018: Husband and I spent some time in our happy place..... the beaches of Gulf Shores. I attempted another 50k race on the local trails known by cyclists and runners of the 901, Stanky Creek Trails. I took two hard falls and injured my hip and knee, which resulted in my dropping from the race at 34k. 

October 2018: After taking some time to heal my hip and do some physical therapy to help my knee get stronger, I continued training for St Jude 26.2.

November 2018: Continued training for my December marathon, spent time with the family over Thanksgiving, and tried not to eat everything in sight.
December 2018: Marathon Month! After a 2 hour delay due to thunderstorms and lightening, I didn't have the race I wanted, but I completed with a personal worst time. 6:08:22. Delaying a big race, a temperature swing of 30 degrees within the first 2 hours of starting the race really put a damper on a lot of people's expectations. But we persevered and pushed to that finish line. St Jude kids don't get to quit treatment.....we don't get to quit a race. 

I also completed a project that I had in my head for a few years. I used scraps of material that I had left over from making my family's stockings, to make a tree skirt to match. Each child arranged 9 squares to make a pattern, I then stitched the squares together. This way everyone in the family had a part in making this project come to life. 

January 2019: Allison & I got together to start training for Little Rock Marathon. This would be marathon #3 for her and #5 for me. We did a lot of long training runs in the woods, and even used the Hill & Dale 8 Miler as a supported training run with LOTS of uphill.
We needed to train for the Little Rock Hills. Even when we had bad weather, we just went to the local parking garages and ran from the top floor to the bottom floor for a few hours. Yes....we are insane.

February 2019: Weather was cold and rainy. We kept training. It was just a warning on what Mother Nature would give us on race day. Taper Time was a welcoming time for both of us. We needed the rest. Can you tell we were excited to have the long long long runs completed??

March 2019: The Alien Invasion! Lisa, Allison and I spend the first weekend in March with a girls trip to Little Rock to run some races and then when it was all over, we went to Hot Springs to pamper our tired muscles with a hot soak.

April 2019: It's time for the Bad Dog 5k! This year we added a 10k race! Huge hit! We surpassed our registration goal and our fundraising goal! What a great day! 

May 2019: Back to the busy month of the year. Andrew graduated high school, Tim and I went back to the river to celebrate our wedding anniversary again, and I started a #fitnessstreak. 15-20 minutes of daily activity that gets my heart rate up, every single day.

June 2019: I ran another race, The Navy 10NM race. This year was the 10th anniversary. I ran this one 5 years ago for the first time. It's one of my favorite HOT Memphis races. I wasn't expecting much, other than to run consistently (stick to my intervals) and finish. Just before the last nautical mile, I glanced at my watch and saw I could run a personal best but only if I haul ass to the finish line. Those 9 minutes were the longest of the morning. I pulled it off with a 2 minute personal best. 

June isn't over yet, but I think this catches you up with what I've been up to these last 11 months.

Catch me over on Instagram @yellaruns where I post my daily fitness streak posts or you can follow Allison and my facebook adventure page to see what shenanigans we are getting ourselves into.