June 24, 2019

Better than yesterday...

Last week #fitnessstreak looked like this:

Monday: 1.5 mile treadmill run  + a torture session for my legs with various kettle-bell squats, lunges, and farmer carries. I was definitely feeling new muscles the next afternoon. #day43

Tuesday: 3 miles around the neighborhood a few hours after work (average pace: 10:27)
Super glad the heat and humidity toned it down for a moment so I could pump this out. #day44

Wednesday: 5 miles around dirty-Dova (average pace 12:32) Allison and I attempted to run some speed sessions during this run. It was just too hot to be sprinting uphill without worrying if we would fall over on the pavement and die. Shook that off the first two miles and then finished up with normal intervals. #day45

Thursday: 5k treadmill run + worked on the pushing muscles in my upper body and a few deadlifts. I also bought a book Anatomy of Fitness. The plan is to avoid injury, and my nerdy senses appreciate this book as a guide for practicing form on basic fitness moves. #day46

Friday: 1 mile (9:17 pace); had to get this done before the thunderstorms. It felt really good to open it up and let the legs just GO! #day47

Saturday: 9 mile trail run (average pace 13:43) I've been trying to get to the trails for a few weeks. It felt so good to play in the trees. My soul was definitely happy after these miles. I also rode my bike later that afternoon for 30 minutes to loosen up the stiffness in my legs. #day48

Sunday: 1 mile walk with the pup + 40 minutes on the bike in the neighborhood. After the cycling time, I wanted to see how my legs would adapt to a little running. I ran around the block. Yep....still weird, but I ran that third of a mile without stopping...and felt as if my legs would have been fine if I had kept going for a while. #day49

Total: 7 hours of activity
(~24 miles under my feet, 72 minutes in the gym, and ~70 minutes on the bike)
No big training plans as of yet. I have my eye on an October 50k....training would begin mid-July. I'm using this time right now to develop strength and build my endurance. Hoping that once training starts, the transition won't be as taxing on my schedule and I'll already be in a nice routine.

Overall it wasn't hard to get myself up and out the door to get these workout's completed. I'm pretty motivated to continue to improve. When my body feels good, my brain feels good. Brain feeling good also keeps the low times away. Getting outside in the sunshine makes all the feel good chemicals in my brain wake up and throw a party.
I am a better person when I feel good.

Take care of yourself. If you're not around, you can't take care of anyone else.
Love your body for what it can do. Always strive to be better than yesterday.

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